As I am constantly on the lookout for quality facial creams, I was delighted to hear that Clinique marketed Moisture Surge with a new 72-hour hydration formula, whose secret is in auto-replenishing technology supplemented with caffeine which assists the active and advanced rehidratyon system in creating its own internal water source. 

Fragments of hyaluronic acid and aloe vera enhance hydration, while long-holding matrix of humectants and polymers reduces water loss. These ingredients provides 152% instant moisture and impeccable plump, shine and healthy skin appearance, and rehydration works up to 72 hours, doubled at the end of the day, even after washing of the face. The cream contains no scents or oils and is suitable for all skin types.

You already know that I'm a fan of gelatine textures, and this one, which is patrticularly welcoming to me, is exactly like that. It's very light and when applied it seems to possess a gently-pink nuance but after smearing it dissolves and, with immediate cooling and hydrating, absorbs quickly, as if I'm refreshing my face with water. 

I employ it every morning and throughout the day I don't have any sensation of cream on my face. This become noticeable only in the evening when I wash before sleep and feel the protective layer under my fingers. Therefore I believe that this cream will be the perfect choice for hot days, when can also serve as an excellent powder substrate. Still, since it doesn't contain UV factor, which is in my opinion necessary over the summer, I would not recommend it for sole use. Furthermore, it can be utilized as a base for makeup, hydration boost and 5-minute mask at any given moment. I tried it under the makeup and as a mask, and after applying it and five minutes later washing it off, I was fairly satisfied with the results: the skin was smooth, soft and hydrated.

Along with Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator I bought Clinique All About Eyes eye cream as well, because I like, if possible, to use single brand products on my face at the same time in order to, and not mixing different cosmetic preparations, improve the effects of the formula. This cream decreases puffiness and dark circles around the eyes and act as a solid foundation to keep the makeup in place. It has been ophtalmologically tested and does not cause difficulties when I'm wearing my contact lenses. As far as the texture is concerned, it's a cushy melange of gel and cream, it imbibes promptly and remains imperceptible. Since I have no plight with eye bags or swollenness, I was unable to analize how it affects these nuisances, but the skin around the eyes is for certain and proven to be hydrated and fresh during the entire day.

I am utterly pleased with both described creams because they absolutely respond to my skin and I refer them to all women who want a succesful, deep-hydrated facial skin.
Have you tried any of these products? What are your impressions?
Best wishes till the next post!


  1. Photos are very lovely as always, these products looks lovely.
    xo Corina

    1. Thank you so much. I'm glad to hear that you love photos and products are really amazing. They doing great job for the skin.

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