Audrey Hepburn said: For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness“. I agree with her, but I think that, for beautiful lips, care is also necessary, especially today, as we live in a time when we are constantly exposed to pollution, atmospheric changes, temperature oscillations, in short to everything that unfavorably affects our skin and lips.
Personally I'm fond of lipsticks and glosses and sometimes, for a city outing, just the lipstick is quite amply. Miscellaneous textures and colors delights me and I don't miss a chance to enhance my collection with new ones. On occasion it happens that certain lipsticks dry up my lips so I always carry a balm with me, which serves me as basis. I apply it nightly before sleeping in order to wake up with freshly soft lips.

I came to Norway in early autumn and, due to the distinction in temperature and conditions in relation to Croatia, I had to find adequate lip care immediately. My former balm couldn't cope with the regular changes of vagarious atmosphere and my lips was, once in a while, dried and chapped. An acquaintance recommended Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick Sheer Tint Sunscreen SPF 15 to me, with an explanation that it is perfect for Norwegian circumstances and favored among local female population. Upon the decision to buy and try it, I was thrilled when I realized that it is a part of Eight Hour collection and contains the legendary formula created, in 1930., by Elizabeth Arden herself. The collection experienced instant, unbelievable success and these products, nowadays well liked, presented and used by many influencers, makeup artists and women around the world, have reached a cult status in beauty industry. The name was coined by a customer who utilized the cream on a grazed knee of her child, which was then magically healed in eight hours.

The balm actively reacts against harmful UV rays and the SPF factor is one of the elements, though not crucial, to which I pay attention before purchase. Apart from the principal nude variant, it can be found in multiple shades, such as berry, blush, honey and plum, which all leave color on the lips. Of course, I momentarily forgot about nude and immerse myself in colors, because I knew that in this way the lipstick would not be required. I dwelt between red berry and pink blush nuances and finally chose the latter. Like most similar ones, this cosmetic preparation comes in standard, firm packaging and even though I dropped it a few times, no damage has occurred. In addition, it is enriched with a light scent, which means it may be less accepted by those who do not prefere aromatized balm. 

The texture is creamy and, after employment, it delivers a pleasant sense of smoothy softness. Given that you don't eat in the meantime, in which case corrections are needed, the balm endures for hours. The picture shows that after first application only a slight overlay is achieved and, if you are aiming at more intense coloring, it can easily be upgraded with further layers. For example, on my lips, one layer is pretty unnoticeable so, if I want to cover the natural color, I have to „boost it“ a bit.

I used this balm throughout the winter and I have to admit that I'm very pleased with the results and the help it provides. My lips were continuously hydrated, slick and tender, moreover, they weren't at any time crannied. Because of it's universal character, the same efficiency can be expected in cold wintry as well as sunny summer days and I will surely, for comparison, give it a try when the warmer weather ensues.

Have you ever try Eight Hour balm? What are your impressions?
Till the next post, all the best!


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