Face serums! One of those products which, after you try them, you just can’t stop using. At least it was so in my case. Earlier I utilized creams for my face, but in time, serums became integral part of my life. Today I can’t imagine anything without them, nor I believe many other members of the fairer sex. World famous blogger Chriselle Lim, when she spoke about facial care, said: “it’s all about serums”. I must agree with her, but, for starters, I will try to clarify a few things.
Serums are skin care preparations that contain high concentration of active ingredients.That makes them somewhat more expensive but, on the other hand, exceedingly effective, efficient and quite a small amount is sufficient for favorable covering of face and neck. They are also enriched with vitamins which, with their mild and light activity, enhance the skin toning, leaving it nourished, fresh and soft. Large number of serums can be found on the market, each of them adjusted to different skin types and varying problems, such as wrinkles, sagging, tired and gray skin, dry and dehydrated skin, oily or mixed skin, skin prone to dark spots and hyperpigmentation, skin that requires hydratation, lifting, etc. Interestingly, serums can be employed independently or in combination with creams, when they serve as supplements. In this instance it’s necessary to apply the serum first, wait for a few minutes and then place the cream. Regarding to a multiple selection, sometimes it’s hard to decide and know which one is “the one”. I have chosen night-time serum, because I’m convinced that when we sleep the skin is being renewed and that this remedy works best and contributes to regeneration at night.

My pick is Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II serum. Although she commenced the company in 1946., Lauder launched her first line of Advanced Night Repair products in 1982. Soon they became her trademark and best-seller which is aknowledged, trusted and relied on by numerous women around the world. In more than 30 years the formula has changed only three times. Currently, there is the latest one in offer – Synchronized Recovery Complex II, which supports skin purification, the process that occurs nightly, when our skin practise self-cleansing. At these moments the renovation is optimized because the skin cells have the ability of expelling the surplus of redundant substances. Unfortunately, with time that natural capacity weakens. Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II is based on revolutionary and exclusive ChronoluxCB™ technology that combines the power of synchronization and purification and maximizes recovery. It also includes hyaluronic acid, so-called moisture magnet, which literally “locks up” vapidity into skin. Furthermore, the serum is ideal for all skin types, at the sight of first gentle crinkles, waning of gloss and for prevention of signs of aging.

I apply it each night before sleeping in a manner that I land several drops on my left index finger, rub it against middle fingers of both hands in order to daub it and then tap my face from lips to nose and toward the cheekbones. It’s recommendable to use it on the neck as well, for it cultivates and hydrates the skin and, due to its productivity, I like to coat it over my cleavage area. It’s important to note that this serum is intended for all skin types and for all those who want a strong night-time rejuvenation, intense hydration, luster and a youthful skin look.

The serum comes in recognizable Estée Lauder brown bottle with a dosage pipette on top. I bought it in a Christmas gift set along with lipsticks, glitter, mascara, two eyeshadow palettes, highlighter, makeup remover and eye cream, all in lovely bag. Not to extend this post too much, I decided to present only preparative products, while I will deal with decorative ones in some of the following.

As I said, in the gift set there was Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex II cream. With it’s rich formula it helps to prolong the initial signs of aging. After application it quickly absorbs and simultaneously hydrates the skin which is, upon waking, nurtured and refreshed.

The last item I wish to single out is Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. This product, devised from a light, gentle oil-free formula, successfully eliminates all traces of makeup from the eyes. When I soak the swab I lean it on the closed eyelid, hold it for a short while and pull it downward. The makeup is swiped off smoothly but, just to be absolutely sure, I repeat the procedure one more time because I adhere to a strict rule never to go to bed even with a trifling remnants  – only pure skin is a healthy skin!

The reason I can’t show you pictures of boxes with ingredients is that, as mentioned above, I aquired them in the package with purse but, if you are interested, you can find all the descriptions on the official web page. Personally I’m very pleased, especially with serum and eye cream and with positive results I daily notice on my skin. Definitely I will buy them in full size because Estée Lauder is keeping her promise given long time ago: “I wish to show every women I can reach, not only how to be beautiful, but how to stay beautiful”.
Have you tried some of these products? What are your impressions?


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