Previously, on several occasions, I've written that I'm a great admirer of lipsticks but, appart from quality product, I also like the packaging which is singular, unique and can serve as a kind of fashion accessory or decoration. All that, and much more, is summed in Guerlain Rouge G lipstick.

Even today I remember the moment when I first saw it! I was thrilled with its elegant yet practical packaging that respires in luxury and can't go unnoticed. It's a guiding light for Guerlain, whose expertise in colors elevated lipsticks to the absolute symbol of effeminacy and seduction. Red or pink, orange or beige, Guerlain lipsticks meet all desires and with their intimate lavishness magnifies various aspects of femininity: femme fatale, fashionista or just simple elegance.

Why is this lipstick so special and different? Because of the packaging! Although it follows the trends and like other lipstick comes in the „housing“ with opening mechanism and storage lid, that's about all in regard to similarity with standard packaging. The coverlid of Guerlain lipstick includes double mirror that pops out as soon as it is pulled from the casing. Upper mirror is normal, while the lower one increases reflection and is perfect for precise fixing. 

I must admit that this fact „bought me“, I no longer have to search for the looking glass in my purse, now I have it in my hand. For that reason Rouge G is somewhat bigger and its subjacent part remind me of a hull of the boat immersed in sea. Interestingly, this lipstick is unable to stand upright, but when it is placed on the table it looks like a lovely detail.

The spectacular characteristic of Guerlain is casing permanence: once you purchase it, it remains, only the lipsticks changes. Selection is truly vast and everyone can find what suits them best. Genuine The Original casing is silver with a touch of refined elegance, Pure Gold is neatly golden and Romantic Boheme is golden with a pink luster. It's important to note that lipsticks themselves come in silver packaging with highlighted letter G, without the possibility of color change, so if you are not inclined to gold-silver combinations, you may want to avoid them. For the fans of black and white there are Perfect Black and K-Doll in offer, for those in doubt or have an affection towards snake tracery the right choice is Exotic Safari and adorers of pink will be satisfied with neon luminous Neon-ista, summer Miami Glam and romantic Gypsy Folk with rose and small red flowers pattern on white background.

In the photo, from left to right, you can see some more casings that are not found on the former picture: French Mademoiselle resembling the dotted lace, blue Very Batik, nude Preppy Chic, Minimal Chic and Neo Gothic in imitation of granite and marble. By visiting the official web site you have the opportunity to put together your own lipstick, and there I noticed shade which eluded me in the store – Wild Jungle. Most of the casings mentioned above have a silver rim that, in conjunction with lipstick, appears really beautiful.

I decided for Miami Glam because I was browsing for the ideal lipstick and packaging for upcoming summer days, but which can be used all year round. This edition is limited and if you like it, I suggest that you look for it before it is withdrawn from sales.

In addition to exclusive packaging Guerlain produced the same article – Rouge G. The superb formula of this exceptional lipstick is sealed with intense color and luscious lip care. Enriched with plant-based polymers and silver microcrystals with reflecting power, this remarkable formula nicely emphasizes the lips, cloaking them with strong, glossy and long-lasting color. Jojoba and mango butter nourish the lips and provide them with instant and durable comfort, while hyaluronic acid and guggul resin ensures smooth plumpness. 

An incomparable feature of Rouge G is delectable, enveloping, „floriental“ fragrance of vanilla leaves with sparkling notes of lemon, orange and bergamot in complete accord. Rose and iris exudes sweetness, while vanilla and tonka bean in drydown endows the lipstick with all of its vehemence.

With a significant number of casings, Guerlain lipsticks come in 30 shades, from bright red, gentle pink to neutral ones. Since I didn't prefer intensive colors this summer and wanted to find something lighter, I picked tonal color 77, a limited edition of a discreet pink glow. At first I was afraid that it would not cover the natural color of my lips sufficiently, but I was wrong – vigorous pigmentation triggers the impression „my lips, but better“. Constancy can be measured in hours, and if you eat or drink in the meantime it needs to be repaired a bit. The scent is not too invasive and sometimes it can't be felt upon emergence. Ergonomic, bullet shaped design allows ultra-precise application for flawless results.

I was exhilarated by the idea with which Guerlain created first customized lipstick that is so easy to assemble. The only necessity is to elect one nifty nuance between many neutral and extraordinary to fulfill all personal and secret wishes. For a imaginative collection of diverse styles, whether timeless, trendy or limited, choose a double mirror casing!

Guerlain lipstick was always associated in my mind with the famous quote by Rachel Zoe: Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak“ , even though I would replace the word style with Rouge G – by forming your very own lipstick, choosing shades and casings, you represent yourself without having to say anything, it's enough to apply it.
How do you like this lipstick? Did you acquire your model and what combination of nuance and casing would you pick?

All the best till the next post!


  1. Wow! This brand is great! I had a few items from it and all those items were so good!

    1. We share the same opinion about Guerlain products. They are awesome and have gorgeous packaging and high quality of products!
      I really like this Rouge G and mirror case, but they are a few more which I have seen and plan to purchase.

  2. This item is so pretty, specially the packing is so lovely.
    xo Corina

    1. I completely agree with you, dear Corina.
      This lipstick is so unique, one of the best in the world and so practical because after you bought one in the future you can only buy new lipstick and use this case.


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