What is the secret of beauty?, is one of the most intriguing questions that preoccupies many members of fairer sex, and not just them. Meticulous inspection manifests the characteristics of particular parts of the world, evident in numerous treatments and preparations, presenting as the key for discovering the mystery of beauty. This seemingly further addles the labyrinth of that puzzle, but in my opinion the answer is actually not in the least complicated and is summarized in a single sentence by Bobbi Brown: „The secret to beauty is simple – be who you are.“ Beauty is not about perfect looks, stresses Bobbi, but in celebrating your individuality. Nowadays, when we're constantly exposed to media artillery about ideal body proportions and flawless face lines that can be achieved by makeup and/or plastic surgery and when girls and women strive to alter themselves to meet those standards, I wonder who many can glance in the mirror and say: „I'm perfect just the way I am“. I'm aware that such a statement requires self-confidence, which for Bobbi brown is the image of true beauty. How we feel about ourselves is incomparably more important than our appearance, and feeling self-confident and comfortable in our own body is what makes us beautiful.
Building the career in often harsh circumstances of beauty industry and being in contact with the most beautiful women in the worlds means having an immediate insight in what we consider as beauty. Therefore I'm especially pleased to share the same belief, because Bobbi Brown is one of the few people with whose philosophy I absolutely agree. Her numerous declarations conveys my views of beauty too, the one that blooms from the inside and which by far surpasses the surface. She started the career of professional makeup artist in 1980., when she moved to New York with a college degree in theatre makeup from Emerson University. Already the following year she worked on editorials of Glamour magazine, and in 1987. she did Naomi Campbell's makeup for the cover of Vogue. She became renowned for her style of makeup that encompassed moderate and natural tones, which was a strong contrast to vigorous and vibrant colors used so far. Collaborating with a chemist, in 1990. she created a collection of 10 beige lipsticks, and in 1991. Bobbi Brown Essentials line debuted in New York's Bergdorf Goodman. She humbly expected to sell 100 lipsticks in the first month, however that happened on the first day. Next year she inflicted a significant impact on beauty industry by launching Foundation Sticks with singular yellow hues. In 1995. she placed an assortment of skin care products, devised as a preparation for makeup.
Enhancing her knowledge and advancing her experience through day-to-day practice, in 1997. she decided to share her tricks with the world by issueing the book „Bobbi Brown Beauty“, which became best-seller on New York Times list and sold in more than 100 000 copies. In order to dispense her expertise and to teach women of makeup techniques, in 2000. she published „Teenage Beauty“, in 2002. „Beauty Evolution“, in 2007. „Living Beauty“, in 2008. „Makeup Manual“, in 2010. „Beauty Rules“ and in 2012. „Pretty Powerful“, providing the basics of beauty for young women to look and feel confident, and each book turned into best-seller. Beside the books, she can take pride in best-selling products as well, one of which is the iconic Shimmer Brick, sold globally and annually at 1 item/1 minute ratio. In 2009., famous, reputed and called The Queen of Makeup, she was invited to inauguration at the then president and vice president of the US barack Obama and Joe Biden, and was bestowed the honor of doing makeup for the latter's wife, Dr. Jill Biden. Finally, in 2010., she was appointed by president Obama in Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations.
When she founded the brand her principal guiding light was „beauty begins with you“. That is why the products are conceived to emphasize our innate beauty, not to hide it. According to this, she once said: „Don't use your skin tone as a guide to choosing the color of your eye shadow, rather for every day application pick shades of shadow that bring out your eye color.“ In 2010. she initiated Pretty Powerful campaign through which she wanted to inspire and empower women around the world, showing real-life women photos before and after makeup, aiming to raise funds to support programs that supplies resources, education, working skills and experience. Related to this campaign she asserted: „I believe that all women are pretty without makeup – but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful.“
During summer I'm not exactly prone to employ powders or liquid substrates and prefer to use only moisturizing cream with protective factor. If I had to utilize any, it was Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF 40, in another words a silky liquid foundation with a serum whose formula contains Active Skin Energizing Complex, Cordyceps and Artemia that rejuvenates the skin, renders it plump and instills instantaneous glow. Constituted with Argireline® Peptide and UVA/UVB protection it defends the skin from stressful environmental influences, prevents collagen damage and assists in fight against visible signs of aging. Black glass bottle with pipette on top looks very luxury and reminds me of a skin care product because majority of serums that I use is packed in this way. It's necessary to shake the vial prior to use, dose the optimal amount with the pipette, situate it on a brush, beauty blender or fingers and apply it to the face. A small quantity is sufficient for entire face coverage, while silky formula easily sits, glides and absorbs into the skin and shines with a radiant finish. Currently there are 19 nuances available, of which my Warm Natural is perfect for summer months and tanned complexion. As I've mentioned, the reason why I love this substrate is that I get three products in one – liquid foundation that procure coverage and is persistent for hours, SPF 40 which is higher than in some creams and shields from harmful sun rays, as well as serum that nourishes the skin.
As far as makeup is concerned, I always accentuate the lips and that's why I'm constantly in search of new hues. One that attracted me momentarily is Tahiti Pink – 10 from Luxe Liquid Lip High Shine collection of lipsticks that unites a deluxe liquid formula of exceptionally lively colors and reflecting gloss. They doesn't involve parabens, sulphates, mineral oils and gluten, and the present offer envelopes 9 shades, from neutral to dynamic. To eliminate the eventuality of mix-up, I should remark that Luxe Liquid Velvet Matte range of lipsticks comes in identical packaging with golden shutter and transparent lower part.
The applicator is digonally cut and resembles the lipstick itself, while the official site recommend to use the pinnacle for sculpting and flat portion for filling. The formula is hydrative and what surprised me positively is its durability. In case that I eat something, I don't have to fix it 'cause only the luster vanishes, and for the color removal at the end of the day I usually exhaust several cotton swabs. Everyone who doesn't like gloss on their lips has the possibility to apply and tap in with fingers a small amount, without the fear of color loss, and in the picture below you can see how well pigmented it is – all three lines from one stroke and no touch-ups.
Tahiti Pink hue is described as bright-orange-pink, although I don't quite perceive that orange undertone and to me it's only intensive pink which will be extraordinarily suitable for the upcoming sumer, when I give the advantage to vivid colors.
The doctrine of Bobbi Brown is based on natural, no-makeup look and she perpetually repeats that we must accept and love each part of our body as it is, whether the eyes, nose, lips, freckles or curly hair. If we think that there is some „flaw“, we should emphasize it, not change it. As she explained it, don't cover your freckles and waste time on hair straightening, wear them proudly as they are unique and integral part of your beauty by which you are recognizable. Beauty unearths in many forms and if we use makeup, there are no rules that we're obliged to obey, our task is to create personal expression to highlight our beauty. Today, when unrealistic beauty ideals supported by plastic surgery are being imposed, not many people really appreciate their own beauty and aspire to fit into established patterns, so we frequently come across uniformly made-up „clones“ with the same noses, lips and cheekbones, which is why I love Bobbi Brown's commitement to the natural beauty that springs from within.
Have you tried Luxe Liquid Lip High Shine Shine lipstick or Intensive Skin Serum liquid foundation? What are your impressions? Write me in the comments.
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