Summer… For me the most rejoicing quarter, painted with golden sun, with blueness of the sky and sea, with intense neon outflows, with tanned complexion emphasized by white outfits, filled with laughter and jubilance. I often wonder why it can't last longer, it seems that people are much happier and relaxed then, like they only beginning to enjoy life in those moments. Or is it just the charming spell of summer? Earlier I've wrote about personal choice of colors depending on the mood and which I prefer in certain season and for summer the bright ones are always reserved, both in clothing and lipsticks and glosses. Beside that I take the texture under consideration, primarily the balmy one that nourish the lips and bestow a light sheen. As far as nuances go, I favor coral and pink and those are the prevailing ones in my selection of lipsticks for this summer: Guerlain Rouge G No 77, Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Shine – 502 Drama, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine – 142 Rose Émotif and Chanel Rouge Coco – 432 Cécile.
Guerlain Rouge G No 77 & Miami Glam Mirror Case occupies an exclusive place in my collection, chiefly because its supreme packaging ie the box with two mirrors – upper with normal reflection and lower that magnifies. It's distinguished by exquisite practicality and when I want to fix the lipstick I never have to search for the looking glass in my purse, and I also love the shape that resembles the bullet and ensures precise application. Apart from beautiful limited edition packaging in combination of silver metal and pink leather, No 77 hue likewise falls into same category. I would describe it as gentle pink that subtly accentuate the lips and ideal for day occasions. The formula consists of herbal polymers, jojoba and mango butter that nourish the lips and provide an immediate and lasting comfort, while hyaluronic acid and scented resin produce smooth fullness. It's enriched with silver microcrystals that reflects the light and vivifies the color, as well as with the floral fragrance that vanishes in contact with the lips.
Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Shine - 502 Drama attracted me, I admit, at first sight because of its red packaging. I have repeatedly stressed that this is my favorite color and whenever I see cosmetic items in red shades, I just can't resist. The specificity of this lipstick is closing mechanism with inserted magnet that firmly connects upper and lower part. The texture is similar to that of balm and it unites three products within itself: lipstick that produces coloring, gloss that additionally highlights and illuminates it and balm that nurture the lips with 8-hour hydration. Again it's a pink hue, but with purple undertone that renders it darker and „fuller“ in relation to above mentioned No 77.
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine - 142 Rose Émotif, unlike the previous two, is coral and I wear it solely during the summer when it's perfectly behooving. The classical, black-and-gold Chanel packaging embodies timeless and recognizable elegance of this house. The formula is saturated by waxes and phytosterols of plant origin which creates aqueous makeup effect of a high luster, by hydratender complex of natural esters that directly moisturizes the lips and by phytoceramides that protects and softens them by mimicing the skin ceramides. Unique dissolvable balmy texture liquifies upon touching the lips and supplies the refined color of energetic shine.
Chanel Rouge Coco - 432 Cécile is radiant pink with a tiny glitter. The packaging is typical for Chanel, but the casing is somewhat larger and that is the basic distinction between Rouge Coco and  Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks. The formula rounds up three plant waxes: mimosa, jojoba and sunflower that hydrate and nourish the lips and provoke long-lasting comforting sense, while polymer film and silicone microgranules boosts the glow. This too is a delicate and pleasant hue that underlines the natural beauty of the lips and it's an unmistakable option for day situations.
If I'd compare all four, I would only call Cécile the real and true lipstick, while the other three are the singular „3 in 1“ products – balm, lipstick and gloss, in another words a benefitial blend of hydration, color and shine. Although each promises approximate results, there is a noticable difference. For example, Chanel is most balm-like with a fine accession of color from which the watery impact and lofty splendor emerges, which is also a slight disadvantage in terms of rapid loss of tincture, difusing and need for frequent checks and touch-ups, and Armani Ecstasy Shine least contributes in regard of moisturizing and brilliance. 
In my own experience, Guerlain No 77 proved to be flawlessly balanced when the hydration, nursing, color and shine are in question and I usually reach for it when I leave the house. As I said, all the nuances are in neat accordance with over-the-day circumstances when I have no desire to excessively punctuate my lips, but for the evening and night I like to point them out a bit and then I regularly use Bobbie Brown Luxe Liquid Lip High Shine - Tahiti Pink 10.
Have you tried some of these lipsticks? Or any of the shades? What are your impressions? Which shades do you pick for the summer? Write me in the comments.
Till the next post, best wishes!



  1. Very beautiful colours ❤️❤️❤️

  2. These are such great colors for summer. Just like the flowers of the season.

  3. I haven't tried any of these lipsticks, but these shades are so beautiful! Guerlain Rouge G No 77 would be perfect for me.

  4. Love all these shades and dying over the packaging of that Guerlain lipstick! My fave color is the pink Chanel.


  5. These are all such lovely colours and they sound and look so good for summer! :) Thanks for sharing! :)

    Hope that you're having a wonderful weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  6. I really love the colorful shades
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  7. These are some great lipsticks! I want to buy the Chanel Rouge Coco - 432 Cécile!!!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  8. Stunning! These are the kind of shades I wear lots in the summer.


  9. I'm in love with lipstick, didn't leave home without.
    I loved your lipsticks, I would wear them all. Beautiful colors! :)


  10. Oh my such luxe lipsticks! The look and sound wonderful. I actually were slightly brighter colors in fall and winter and do more earthy tones in the summer months.

    Allie of

  11. These are all such beautiful lipsticks! Not just the shades, but the packaging as well!


  12. Love these lipsticks! They seem wonderful products!
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  13. These are such pretty shades of lipsticks
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  14. I love how rich the Chanel lipstick looks. The different shade looks really nice. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  15. Great post.Thank you for sharing! :)
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  16. The lippies are all gorgeous everyday colours - love them.


  17. Loving these classic summer lippies- a great collection!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  18. Beautiful lipticks colors.


  19. The pinky red tones for all these of lipsticks look so beautiful! I feel like they would look amazing on someone like me who has a warm skin tone.


  20. Now I'm in love with the radiant pink Chanel lipstick! But I love your other favourites, too, as they are so wonderful bright!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  21. Tutti bellissimi ma il mio preferito è Chanel Rouge Coco - 432 Cécile.
    Un rosato davvero sensazionale!


  22. Amazing lipstick ♥


  23. Amei esse seu texto, realmente é um dos melhores blog que estou acompanhando. Suas postagens são excelente! Parabéns!

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  24. These are all such beautiful lipsticks ^^


    Ariadne ♥
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  25. The rose pink Guerlain lipstick is such a gorgeous shade for summer; I'll definitely be keeping my eyes open for that one! Beautiful!

    aglassofice.com x

  26. Love your blog, (づ ̄3 ̄) づ╭❤ ~, very helpful to me, thank you for sharing.

  27. I haven't tried any of these but they are all beautiful shades! I've got my eye on the Guerlain! The rose pink is such a pretty shade and I love the packaging!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  28. These shades are beautiful and perfect for summer.

    xo, Maria

  29. all the lipsticks have such pretty color, love the Chanel Rouge Coco - 432 Cécile the most ^^


  30. Wonderful colors, I would take all of them :-)

  31. All four of these lip shades are beautiful! I love how vibrant three of them are, and the Chanel one is perfect for a more subtle look. All of them are perfect for summer!

    x Kara | http://karascloset.net

  32. These are my kind of lippie shades, my most favourite here is the Giorgio Armani Ecstasy shine.


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