Long, dense and lush hair has always been a symbol of sensual femininity. Unfortunately, I lack the genetic predispositions so I've admired girls and women with gorgeously lavish hair all my life. I never had much of it, it was scarce and prone to splitting ends. During high school I tried to render it as beautiful as possible with diverse strategies, but then at one point I came to terms with how my hair was, accepted it and decided that healthy scalp and well-groomed hair is principal. I've experienced an excessive hair loss for the first time in my college days. It occurred at the beginning of September, but after I conducted a more thorough inquiry it turned out to be normal to lose 40-100 hairs a day, and larger amount in spring and autumn. Still it wasn't all the same to me, I was afraid that, with little hair as it is, bald spots would emerge. However it didn't happened, new hair grew and I completely forgot about this predicament, until it recurred in late March and early April this year. Suddenly, upon washing, I've noticed that a handful fell out, which continued on each following instance, and after combing I couldn't believe how much hair is retained in the brush. A simple mild stroke with my hand would mean at least 5 hairs less, as well as sitting anywhere. As I've encountered this phenomenon before, I knew which helpful products I can trust, so I acquired Vichy Dercos Energising shampoo and Vichy Dercos Aminexil Clinical 5 ampoules, and I included Kérastase Résistance Extentioniste serum in my practice.
Hair loss affects 80% of men and 40 % of women by the age of 40, and is triggered by multitude of factors, such as genetics, autoimmune diseases, infections, chemotherapy, thyroid problems, various medications, vitamins and minerals deficiency, tying of hair in a ponytail or braids, twitching, pulling, numerous treatments to which we constantly expose it and stress. Given that follicles are highly sensitive to disorders in body's metabolic balance, they can often be the initial indicator of a shortage of benefitial substances or the onset of some malady, so I consulted with a physician and went through recommended tests. All was in order and, interestingly, after two weeks it decreased and then stopped, ie stabilized at the usual level. Nevertheless, I immediately changed my hair care routine and started employing Vichy Dercos Energising shampoo and Aminexil Clinical 5 ampoules.
Aminexil is a patented chemical molecule developed by L'Oréal owned Vichy as a culmination of a 10-year research, and it averts hardening of collagen membrane to preserve softness and elasticity of tissues that surrounds hair's root and helps in better attachment to the scalp. The company operates in cosmetic sector and found itself in a complex position because the molecule is intended for healing, with which they have breached into sphere of pharmacy. Every medical product requires regulative approval (eg MHRA in the UK and FDA in the US) before it's certified as safe and effective. To obtain medical license, manufacturer is obliged to carry out scientific study that is statistically relevant and must meet all the clinical bylaws published by regulatory agencies. At the moment, there aro only two products authorized for prevention of hair loss at MHRA and FDA, and Aminexil, although present in several preparations, is not one of them. It works, by the way, in a fashion similar to Minoxidil, which is accredited and clinically proven.
It's stated on the box that these vials bring an exclusive blend of the referent, attested and potent Aminexil molecule and 5 other active constituents: arganine entices microcirculation and nutrients supply necessary for follicular deployment, SP94 molecule infuse energy for hair strengthening, vitamins B3 and B6 revitalize and beautifies it, while octeine provides antimicrobial shield and eliminates ramifications of detrimental impacts from the environment. All mentioned components are enriched by Vichy thermal mineral water and embodies a hypoallergenic, paraben-free formula, suitable for sensitive scalps too. Their primary task is solidifying the hair, circulatory stimulation, steadiness and creation of more resilient and stronger hair in just 3 weeks.
The package inclose 21 monodoses in small plastic 6 ml bottles that opens by leaning and twisting an ergonomic massage applicator of white bronze and with rounded top onto their upper section. It's devised specifically for soothing utilization without spillage and for direct, gentle massage of the scalp and thus the impuls of blood flow. It is advisable to exploit one ampoule per day in the course of 6 weeks as part of intensive treatment or 3 vials a week as sustenance therapy. Usage is fairly uncomplicated: once the applicator is fixed to the ampoule, it should be held upright, deposit the product in zigzag movements and tap it in with tender pressures of the fingertips. Finally, you just rinse the device in water.
When I was buying the ampoules, pharmacist told me that Vichy has changed the formula. The ones I used when attending university, albeit in the same packaging, was mitigating hair loss, while Vichy Neogenic, recognizable by the purple box, was available for the fresh sprouting. Now these two formulas are combined in Aminexil Clinical 5, and Neogenic is no longer existent on the market. Preparations for men are stored in black and for women in white cases.
Considering my thin hair and the fact that different products quickly grease it, I could wash it every day. With these items that's not the incidence, because they don't oils or glues the hair and I'm sensing literally nothing on my scalp. For 6 weeks I applied them each night before sleep and very soon noticed the growth of new hair. Simultaneously I used Vichy Dercos Energising shampoo which contains Aminexil and serves as a supplement to hair loss treatment. It comes in 200 ml pack, with a standard texture and subtle scent. Official site claims that regular exercise firms and regenerize the hair from root to tip, and I've also perceived that it's extremely hydrated and full, while the scalp is „creaky“ clean. That's why I'm solely choosing it for the last couple of months.
Upon completing daily treatment with ampoules, I resolved to further utilize them 2 or 3 times a week for upkeep, and I complemented each hair wash with Kérastase Résistance Sérum Extentioniste. Kérastase Paris is a brand which place professional and luxury products for hair care of men and women. Their guiding concept is that every person is singular and that miscellaneous variables, like type of scalp and hair and both internal and external features, influence the quality, and individual approach is the best solution and path to extraordinary hair. They perform diagnostics in their salons around the globe, after which stylists prescribe personalized recipes and preparations for health or recovery. Kérastase is the first assortment in which the knowledge of hairdressers and scientists from L'Oréal Advanced Research is unified. Progressive exploratory teams are committed in seeking new ingredients and innovative, customized answers for immaculate end results. Some of the lines to boast with are: Aura Botanica, Blond Absolu, Chronologiste, Cristalliste, Densifique, Discipline, Elixir Ultime, Fusio Scrub, Initialiste, Nutritive, Oléo-Relax, Reflection, Résistance, Soleil, Spécifique, Styling and Volumifique. 
For myself I have selected Résistance Sérum Extentioniste for rejuvenating the inner structure and reinforcing the lengths. It's described as mighty concentrated serum and invigorating remedy with key compelling units that promotes the thriving of solid and salubrious follicles, and the 50 ml glass, turquoise and pipetted bottle is imbued with wonderful odor. Initially I felt a slight tingling, but it withdrew in a matter of minutes and it haven't repeated. It's impossible for me to be absolutely determined in my assessment – it is not conceived for growth so I'm unable to compare the state before and after. It differs from some other masks and conditioners as well, where you can observe alterings almost right away, and my scalp was already sound. What I did discern is that my hair doesn't break anymore and that it's more flexible. I'm convinced that this serum, together with Vichy shampoo and ampoules, has undeniably contributed in upgrading of my hair, its texture and that it aids in maintaining of healthy scalp.
It took a while to test these products and then write about them. Regardless of troubles with Aminexil being warranted as a medicine, the composite of depicted preparations is functional for my objective: fall out is regulated and new hair is prosperous. I can say with certainty that I would reuse them in resembling circumstances. Once I read a quote: „Take care about your hair. The crown you never take off.“, and I agree with that utterly. Many people sees the hair first on a person, therefore it's greatly important to afford it a profound and deep nursing.
Have you tried Kérastase Résistance Extentioniste serum, Vichy Dercos Aminexil Clinical 5 treatment and Vichy Dercos Energising shampoo? Do you have problems with hair loss and which products you've used? Write me in the comments.
Till the next post, all the best!
This post contains affiliate links. I've bought the product myself and all opinions presented are my own. I included affiliate links to facilitate the finding of a particular item, which means that if you click on the link and purchase it, I will receive an affiliate commission with no extra cost to you. 


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