Do you believe in coincidences? I don't exactly, I rather think that everything is happening for some reason and that, at the given moment, we don't see the bigger picture, but when we turn back and look at the past events, suddenly all becomes clear. However, no matter how we perceive them, they seem to be all around us. For example, some of the well-known social networks – Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr – are illustrative paragons of accidental success. Studying the makeup and skin care industry, I'm thinking how many times pure coincidence has transformed into triumph. After devising certain item, people responsible for its emergence cannot know what its fate will be, because it all depends on the reaction of consumers. They can believe in its quality, but if the customers don't recognize it and buy it, it will not survive the fierce competition for very long, especially nowadays when the selection is vast and there are minimally 10 products of the same or similar features. I'm not claiming that all brands began their voyage by coincidence, but some really owe a great deal to the fact that they found themselves in the right place at the right time, like Anastasia Soare, commencer of Anastasia Beverly Hills, who achieved the „American Dream“ by coming to the country as a single mother, without the knowledge of English language and financial means, or eccentric mister Max Huber who created the bewitching La Mer cream. It's interesting how all of these „American“ stories emanates with a kind of Hollywood aura and sounds too good to be true – if someone were to film them, I would gladly go to the screening of that movie. Admittedly, Anastasia Soare and Max Huber were educated in their respective fields and knew precisely what they were doing, but the tale that literally boggled my mind is that of two individuals who never considered or had any notion of cosmetic profession. Without any foreknowledge in skin care, thanks to a chance encounter, they generated a product that evolve into a cornerstone of a multimillion-dollar empire: the GlamGlow facial mask.
According to founder Shannon Dellimore, one night in 2008. she and her now ex-husband Glenn attended the party in Hollywood Hills and, among actors and people from the film industry, met Keanu Reeves through a mutual friend. They engaged in conversation in which he complained that he can't find a preparation which would immediately prepare his skin for the camera. Long hours of shooting combined with frequent flights leaves unwanted consequences, and the product offerings of that time generally produced results after a week or a month. He, in contrast, wanted an instant solution for smoothing the skin, purification of pores, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and visible glow, in other words a simple recipe to use on the set or at home, without visiting a spa, designed to make skin ready for photographic lenses within 10 minutes. Upon determining that such a miraculous concoction is non-existent on the market, Shannon and Glenn thought: „OK well, let see what we can conjure up for him.“ The very next morning Shannon contacted her mother who worked for Chanel for the last 25 years and asked if they had a product that would yield the aforementioned outcome in their assortment. The answer was of course no, and that each required at least 30 days, and not independently. Meanwhile, Glenn circumambulated numerous clinics and physicians, but the universal advice was: Keanu should come for treatment. They refused to accept it, so they turn to the Internet and started searching for terms such as exfoliation and brightening, as well as various ingredients, until they came up with green tea. Convinced that this is the secret component on which to base their remedy, they began calling labs and inquiring about the cost of production.
50 000 $ was too high a price because they didn't seek mass distribution, but a single jar, and at the same time bought new apartment and were expecting their first child. In the end they managed to come across a small laboratory set up in the garage by a massage therapist, where she also manufactured body rub oils. She and her chemist agreed for the job, so Shannon and Glenn delivered raw materials and paid 80 $. When I read this information I thought it was a mistake, but the invested 80 dollars was for one phial. They filled the completed commodity in an ordinary white flask with the pattern of magical mud, on the coffee table in their own house with kitchen spoons and bestow it to Reeves. A week later he returned all elated and said: „This product is incredible, it actually works!“, asking for larger quantity for himself and his friends. Although commercial sales wasn't the original idea, but backstage use, soon small samples without label, packaging and name spreaded throughout 20th Century Fox studios and gained popularity amongst actresses from Desperate Housewives, American Idol and many other celebrities.
In just one year their sensational mud was exerted all over Hollywood, and all changed one evening when phone rang and vice president of Neiman Marcus chain of luxury stores spoke: „A friend gave me your product and the effects fascinated me. We wish to sell it with other world prestigious brands.“ That same night, on the same coffee table, using paper, scissors, tape and pencil, they sketched an initial concept and name. They imagined it to be fabulous, sexy and fun, but also descriptive, so in 2011. GlamGlow was born. Married couple faced a challenge, quickly they had to learn all about skin care business, production, packaging and international export, but today they're stating that it was the most exciting step for them, because now, as part of Estée Lauder Companies, they are familiar with every detail of how a high-end brand with over 30 beauty awards operates.
Youthmud was primarily supposed to be the only preparation, but as requests for treating diverse complications began to arrive, shortly Supermud, Flashmud, Gravitymud, Instamud, Powermud saw the light of the day, and I've chosen Hydramud for myself. I'm fond of this jar in turquoise and silver color with star on top. It appeared to me as the one on Captain America's shield, but I guess the correct association would be Walk of Fame on which since 1960. the stars with names of famous individuals are being placed, and this whole account revolves around Hollywood, glamor, splendor and sex appeal.
In countless occasions I've written how important hydration is to me and that's why I decided to evaluate this marvelous mask. The official site states that it is the most advanced form of moisturizing with powerful botanical constituents and long-lasting efficiency. Hyaluronic acid, the remarkable moisture magnet, deeply hydrates the skin, while the creamy blend of coconut, ginger and honey procures energetic revitalization, radiance and soothing comfort. Usage is fairly simple: an even layer is to be applied on freshly cleaned skin of the face, neck and cleavage, wait for 10 to 20 minutes and wipe off or massage in the excess. It can be utilized in the day, at night as sleeping mask or even during flying when it's protective against dehydration due to dry air in the plane. The product is also suitable for elbows, cuticles and other areas where it's desirable to ensure extra wetness. 97% of 100 respondents concurred on intensive hydration, while 96% confirmed whole day moisture retention.
Mainly I'm skeptical toward „Instagram friendly“ articles because I get the sense that by aggressive marketing they strive to impose and justify themselves. I prefer to draw my own conclusions, but regarding this mask I can freely say that it swept me off my feet. The odor alone is so delightful that it reminded me of cookies which I could eat. I personally don't mind, but if you disfavor aromatized skin care products, be sure to ask for a tester before purchasing full-size jar. The texture resembles a silky icing for cakes, denser than some other masks I've exercised before, but it's easily coated, absorbed and it softens the skin. It's on my repertoire every other day and then I don't have a feeling of anything on my face, whether I employ it for 20 minutes or, if my skin is particularly dry, I sleep with it and wake up refreshed. Likewise it is majorly beneficial on agnails, while long-term practise assumes healthier, fuller and shinier skin. If I had to pick one mask from my collection for a lifetime, I'm almost assured that it would be this one, chiefly because of its natural elements, scent, texture, durability and swift activity.
Pelé, one of the greatest football players in history, said: „Success is not an accident. It's a hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice and most of all, love for what you do or learning to do.“ All of this is obviously possible in a slightly different way, rarely, but still possible, by a happy coincidence to enter the domain of which you know nothing about, exploit the Internet and embody a product that turns out to be the architect of prodigiously lucrative enterprise. I am joyful by the comprehension that we live in a world where we are all somehow linked. Namely, I've never seen any significant connection between myself and Keanu Reeves, except for the movie Matrix in which he played, and I watched it, but presently I can credit him for my napless, hydrated and glossy face.
Have you tried Glamglow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment Mask or some other from their line? What are your impressions? Write me in the comments.
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  1. interesting observation
    I didn't know Anastasia's history before, just like this mask.
    the packaging is beautiful 😍
    However, I don't know if the cosmetic is for me - I'm not a fan of "glow"

  2. Hyaluronic acid is always an amazing ingredient! Never tried this product in fact, but I have a mask with Hyaluronic acid and I can feel the difference of hydration of my skin after apply it.
    Jenifer Cruuz

  3. Nikada nisam probala ovo, ali mi djeluje odlično i zanimljiva mi je priča o tome kako je sve to nastalo. Super post.❤️

  4. Sometimes I believe in coincidence and sometimes I don't. I guess it depends. I've been hearing lots of great things about this brand but unfortunately I don't use it because I'm not a fan of some of the ingredients. But glad to hear you like it!

  5. Just awesome item.

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  6. This sounds like exactly what I need especially living here in an arid state. And it's not super expensive.

  7. Wow glow.
    It looks really great.

  8. Great review. Looks like a product worth trying.

  9. great review, and beautiful photos!
    Like this product.

  10. Thanks for this glowing review of this mask! I've been wanting to try this brand for a while.

  11. Nice review, very detailed.
    I'm interested to try it.


  12. I'm completely intrigued! This mask sounds so amazing.

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

  13. I've been wanting to try this brand for a while. I've heard such good things about it from friends!

  14. I have seen Glam Glow stocked in some places lately and have been very curious! Thanks for the review babe! x

  15. I loveee using Glamglow masks!!! There's a couple of them that I've tried that I really liked. Very high quality masks!


  16. I didn't realize that Glam Glow had such an interesting backstory to their brand. I totally want to try this treatment after your thorough review. I totally believe that everything is happening for a reason.

  17. Cool product!

    Kisses ;*

  18. This mask looks so luxurious and amazing! I've never heard of Glam Glow but I'd definitely get it if I saw its packaging. It's very well packaged and the mask looks like a nice texture. I'll have to look into it once I run out of my current masks haha!


  19. Yes we need to put in the effort. This is nice.
    New post :

  20. Love a good mask and this one looks fab!


  21. I really like the story behind this cream - a modern fairy tale with a happy ending! You made me curious about the cream! I also like the packaging and its color.
    Hugs, Traude

  22. That packaging is so cute! I'm always in need of a good hydration for my forever dry skin <3


  23. Una delle aziende migliori per la cura della skincare.

  24. it’s really interesting product!I really want to try it

  25. So interesting to read the history behind the mask and how the brand got started, wow! It's great it lives up to it's claims and had so much early interest! Sounds like a great product!

    Hope that you have a wonderful weekend ahead of you!

    Away From Blue

  26. It seems to be a great product and it was too nice to read yu talking about Pelé, who is from my country.


    Anete Oliveira
    Blog Coisitas e Coisinhas

  27. What an informative post! You always give such interesting information about products.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

  28. Sometimes, coincidences are meant to happen. It is interesting to see some brands popping up suddenly on social media at the same time. Oooh, the Glam Glow bottle looks interesting. It is pretty cool that the world is small enough that people can meet each other so easily. I need to check this out in person! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

  29. Ja sam sigurna da se često stvari događaju s razlogom, malo je toga slučajno. Kad pogledam svoj život, vidim sto primjera u kojem mi se stvarno čini da se ne radi o slučajnosti. Meni je jako zanimljivo čitati ove priče brendova. Mislim da je jedna pozitivna stvar u američkom mentalitetu to što su oni uvijek voljni probati nešto novo, pokrenuti posao, imaju toga poduzetničkog duha kojim otvaraju prilike i sebi i drugima. To je kod njih nekako normalno, pokrenuti posao, a kod nas ti se smiju ako tako nešto probaš. Puno mi se stvari u američkoj sadašnjoj kulturi ne sviđa, kao naprimjer agresivni marketing i manjak pravog i iskrenog prijateljstva, ljudi uvijek traže kako nekoga iskoristiti, ali mora mi se priznati da imaju toga zdravoga poduzetničkog duha. Mislim da u svakoj kulturi postoji nešto pozitivno što možemo primijeniti na svoj život. Mislim da zato toliko volim učiti o drugim kulturama i zemljama.

    Što se tiče povijesti ovog branda, stvarno je zanimljiva. Mislim da se iz povijesti svakog branda može nešto naučiti. Istina je i da sreća igra ulogu, ali nije jedini faktor. Svakako da je poznanstvo s Keanu Reevesom pomoglo ali da Anastazija i njen muž nisu bili tako uporni, ne bi nikada došli do rezultata. Ova maska stvarno djeluje kvalitetno, a i pakiranje je lijepo. Meni je Keanu simpatičan ali nisam gledala njegove zadnje filmove jer su mi dosadili takvi filmovi, Matrix je bio dobar jer je imao priču, a ovi novi akcijski filmovi su mi totalno besmisleni. Ja sam gledala jedan jako dirljiv film prema istinitom događaju u kojem su roditelji dječaka koji je bio teško bolestan pronašli lijek za djecu koju boluju od iste bolesti i tako pomogli mnogima da žive duže i kvalitetnije, a to su učinili bez medicinskog obrazovanja učeći kemiju i biologiju na svoju ruku. Film se zove Lorenzo's Oil i meni se jako svidio. Mislim da bi se i tebi svidio.

  30. I need this in my life! Thanks for sharing :)

    Shoot for the stars | ☆ ☆ ☆ | Facebook page | ☆ ☆ ☆ | Instagram

  31. ;)

    Ainda não conhecia esse produto!

    Ótimo sábado!

    Beijo! ^^

  32. I don't believe in coincidences too. The world are realy small. The histpry behind the mask is so interesting
    Inventando com a Mamãe / Instagram  / Facebook / Pinterest

  33. The packaging is so cute.
    I love this color.

  34. I want to try this!!
    xx- Nina

  35. I've heard so many good things about glam glow!


  36. This is one of my favorite mask. I love using it during the colder season. Nice review!

  37. It seems to be a very good mask. Leaves skin even illuminated.
    I loved it! ♥

  38. the products are looking so cute! want to try

  39. This is so nice hydrating face mask. I really like it x


  40. I've got to be one of the very few that hasn't tried anything from this brand before, though I've heard great things! This sounds like a great mask, you get so much product for the price!



  41. I've never heard of this product, but it sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing this great review!

  42. This looks like an another must-try for me. This sounds amazing. Thanks dear!
    Jessica |

  43. Thanks for the review. Hope your week is going well.

    Gemma x

  44. Heard many good things about this brand, and that packaging is super cute!

  45. I've never tried GlamGlow before but this sounds like a great one! I've heard so much about this product and they're mostly positive!

    xo, olivia

  46. I have this mask and LOVE it! So great for a hydration boost!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  47. Uauuu great pictures and love you review!

  48. For me it is absolutely the same! I don't really believe in coincidences - as you I think really that everything happens due to a reason! Thanks for the review, very helpful as usual.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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  50. I always love that you share all about the brands and people who created the products! That mask sounds wonderful.

    x Kara |


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