Recently I've divulged my incidence of sudden hair loss and the Vichy Dercos ampoules and Kérastase serum that I used to improve the condition. I didn't stop just there, I kept exploring because I like to try new products and assess the effects. In one conversation a friend of mine recommended The Ordinary, but I was suspicious at first because their hyaluronicacid and retinoid emulsion disappointed me in the past. Still, I decided to give it another chance and didn't regret it, and the products that delighted me and over the last couple of months stimulated the growth and made my hair stronger, more resilient nad shinier are The Ordinary Hair Care Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density, The Ordinary100 Organic Cold-pressed Moroccan Argan Oil and Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3.
I already wrote about The Ordinary brand and the philosophy behind their globally renowned preparations, you can read it via this link, and they've expanded the offer to makeup collection and hair care products. Hair Care Multi-Peptide serum unites a cluster of technologies: Redensyl™ complex (with extract of European larch and Camellia sinensis leaves), Procapil™ peptide complex (with biotinoyl tripeptide-1), Capixyl™ peptide complex (with acetate tetrapeptide-3 and red clover extract), Baicapil™complex (with extracts of Baikal scullcap root, wheat germ and soy glycine), AnaGain™(with pea extract) and caffeine of high solubility (1% netto in weight), all stemmed on an extremely light, attenuated base for deep and efficient permeation. The total concentration in the formula devised for health, density, plenitude and lushness of hair is 21.15% in relation to mass.
The recognizable brown bottle with UV shielding properties and pipette on top resembles those laboratory ones, and the usage of 60 ml product is quite simple: once a day, idelly before bedtime, a few drops should be applied to a clean and dry scalp and thoroughly massage it in, and, given the leave-in character, it musn't be rinsed afterwards. The official page states the absence of alcohol, silicones, nuts and gluten, along with vegan and cruelty-free features. To prevent allergic reactions, initial testing on skin is also advisable.
Upon completing Vichy Dercos vial therapy, I prolonged it with The Ordinary serum. The liquid is translucent and watery, thus is desirable to rub it in the hair immediately, so that the droplets wouldn't slip onto your face. The mild scent vanishes in conntact with the scalp, and what is really important to me is that it doesn't grease the hair so I don't have to wash it every day, which shows similarity to Kérastase Résistance. I „employ“ them alternately, always before sleeping, at the same time propelling the circulation. Their purposes are matching – The Ordinary promotes thick, rife and sound hair, while Kérastase solidifies, strengthens and averts splitting. The texture of latter serum is more gel-like, but it easily absorbs and I personally prefer its floral fragrance. In a nutshell, both products provide my hair with everything it needs.
When it comes to hair care, oils have been an inevitable segment of my repertoire for years. I familiarized with them during college and continued to experiment with various ones – I wanted to naturally induce growth, enhance structure and restore luster, and so far I sampled herbal oils of castor, argan, macadamia, coconut and almond. I stopped with the practice upon arriving in Norway, but when my hair abruptly started to fall out, I obtained castor oil again, which favors growth in rarefied areas. I even used it on eyelashes, but that cosmetic adventure ended in nuisance: they sprouted so much and nudge the glasses every time I blinked. Still, argan oil is my first choice, because aside from all described benefits it simultaneously reduces electricity, nourishes and moisturizes the hair, and is suitable for skin when it assists in healing wounds. I wasn't aware that The Ordinary submit such a large selection, so I was fairly pleased when I saw argan oil in their line.
100 Organic Cold-pressed Moroccan Argan Oilis a 100% pure oil derived from argan seeds by cold pressing, which preseves the integrity of fatty acids, vitamins, phenols (including caffeine acid) and carotene. I'm exclusively purchasing cold-pressed unrefined oils because that procedure allows retention of flavor, color and nutritional value. As opposed to hot pressing, here the process takes place without affixing heat energy, to a maximum of 40-50°C, and the mixture of crushed and pressed grains or fruits is instantly filtered through a rough sieve and stored in bottles. Less cold oil is acquired from the same amount, but warming causes the oxidation of sensitive fatty acids, so hot oils are cheaper.
The Ordinary 100 Organic is completely unrefined, which is attested in its intensive natural aroma. By the way, it's one of the tricks to detect cold-pressed oil – those odorless are refined. The packaking is identical to that of Multi-Peptide serum, but of 30 ml. I administer it solely to my hair, regardless of being appreciative toward the skin, cover the entire lengths and leave it for several hours before rinsing, and the ultimate outcome is soft, smooth and glowy hair.
We have all at least once found ourselves in a situation to look for a composition that delivers visible results and renders face or hair better with each subsequent consumption, a preparation for which we can truly say that it works. I always had problems with hair products, no matterwhat conditioner or mask I ventured, it seemed like they achieved nothing. Maybe they would soften the hair and entice some sheen, but for a short while, only until accomodation to it occurs. By utter coincidence I discovered the Holy Grail that bestowed me everything I expected and hoped for – Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3. One day I've watched a video in which a blogger displayed her hair before and after washing and I couldn't believe the difference, so I resolved to check it out on my own. There are no words to express my amazement! At the time I was struggling with split ends and planing to visit a salon, but when I applied Olaplex it was like they become polished, and my hairdresser asked me in surprise where they had disappeared. Besides that, my hair was exceedingly sleek, lustrous and harmoniously shapeable. Not only that, with each wash the action multiplied, which made me crazed with happiness.
Olaplex was developed by two of the world's leading chemists, Dr. Eric Pressley and Dr. Craig Hawker. This dream-team invented a unique chemical compound which, without silicones and oils, restores broken hair connections. The assortment encompasses shampoos, conditioners, treatments and oils marked in numbers and intended for diverse types of hair, but with universal task of revitalizing its configuration. The website points out that Olaplex No. 3 is not a conditioner, but a treatment that operates against breakage and damage, and revives a healthy texture, which is noticeable upon touch, all thanks to exquisite Olaplex molecule whose formula drastically firms and safekeeps all classes of scalps. It doesn't contain parabens, sulfates, phthalates and it's vegan and hasn't been examined on animals. Advocated exercise is once a week, or two to three times for faster recovery of especially impaired hair. The only disadvantage is 100 ml pack, because regular utilization depletes it swiftly. Since I don't have much hair and now using it once per seven days, it holds for 2 months or longer, but for persons with lavish hair the quantity could be troublesome.
The instruction on the bottle explains that damp and towel-dried hair, from root to tips, should be coated with an abundant layer, wait for 10 minutes and then wash it off with shampoo and finish with conditioner or mask, depending on your routine. I combined miscellaneous approaches: first without conditioner to perceive the actual functionality, which positively shocked me, then I left it on my hair for hours before washing and attained enormous suppleness and splendor, and I also united it with mask when miraculous consequnces fascinated me, and they didn't elude to others who splurged with compliments. This year, for the first time after summer vacation, I didn't have to trim the ends that were usually spliting under the influence of sun and sea salt. I conclusively discovered a preparation which I've been searching all of my life and I'm convinced that it will remain in my vanity case as long as it's manufactured.
Vitamins are significant in hair care and together with proper diet has a behooving impact on growth. Experience proves to me that Natural Wealth, a targeted amalgam of vitamins and minerals, is an excellent nutritive supplement for inner protection of hair, skin and nails, as well as balanced supply of key micronutrients. Niacin, biotin, iodine and selenium all contribute to maintaining health, and one pill a day after a meal is prudent. Very quickly I've realized how my nails, for example, were tighter and unwilling to brittle. I can persuasively infer that each depicted product, individually or in collaboration with one another, has absolutely fulfilled its mission and rejuvenated my hair, announcing bright prospects for the future.
Have you tried The Ordinary Multi-Peptide serum, 100 Organic Cold-pressed oil, Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 or Natural Wealth hair vitamins? What are your impressions? Write me in tghe comments.
All the best till the next post!
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  2. I've always wanted to try The Ordinary! I was so intrigued by the price and several people have raved about it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it! Maybe one day I'll try it out when I run out of my current products!


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  6. I picked up a bottle of the Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 on a whim recently because of a great sale and I'm not regretting it all because it works so well. I leave it on for 30 minutes and my hair is so soft, smooth and manageable afterwards. It's fantastic that it's working well for you too!

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  30. Hello
    Ordinary is a great brand, but as for hair loss problems I'm very skeptical, if they worked there were no bald people ahahah
    I believe the other brands are also very good, but do not work miracles !!


  31. Thanks for sharing this review! I've used oils in my skincare for a while but haven't tried and for hair yet. This might inspire me to do so :)

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    1. Yes, Olaplex Hair Perfector is for all types of hair and it is really amazing product. When you try it I would like to hear your opinion about it and do you like it as much as I.


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