Mental health is as much an integral part of our lives as physical one, but considerably less attention is paid to it. I’m baffled as to why, perhaps simply due to fact that “nothing hurts”. It involves emotional, psychological and social well-being and inflicts on how we think, feel and act, it aids in determining the manner in which we deal with stress, conduct to others and make decisions, and it’s also important in each life phase, from childhood and adolescence to adulthood. WHO states that mental health of individuals includes the realization of their abilities, coping with daily constraints, productive work, contribution to community, as well as the aspect of life enjoyment. Overlooking can lead to tragic consequences, as happened with Dr. Brandt, of whom I knew nothing when I resorted to Do Not Age Transforming Pearl Serum. 
Fredric Sheldon Brandt was an American physician, researcher, lecturer, author and host of radio show Ask Dr. Brandt, specialized in cosmetic dermatology. He was among first who practiced botox, fillers and botulinum toxins, not only on his patients but on himself too, and remained remembered for the role he played when FDA approved their usage in the USA. Under the slogan “Take the doctor home”, he has conceived innovative array of products that imitates invasive dermatological procedures and are customized to exercise in the comfort of your own home. The list of clients who maintains their youthful prospect thanks to them precisely is crowded with names of biggest world celebrities such as Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Kim Kardashian, Marc Jacobs, Gwyneth Paltrow and many more. However, despite the degree in medicine, occupation that he loved, private clinic, launching of the new approach in skin care, recognition and respect of colleagues, public admiration, fame and fortune, in 2015. Dr. Brandt has committed suicide. Nobody was prepared for such a sudden, unexpected and shocking event, but it prompted his associates, in collaboration with The Miami Foundation, to commence the endowment which promotes the benefits of mental health, safe and behoving format of assistance, as well as unitary and group education and support. I was horrified by the data that in Florida every 3 minutes one person take their own life, while every 13 minutes the same thing occurs throughout the country, which is 44 000 a year. I’m petrified to even imagine what’s the number on a global scale and in what kind of a world we live when so many people choose death as a better option. That is exactly why Dr. Brandt Foundation, with the hashtag #SAYILOVEYOU, is instituting all necessary steps to establish a local, national and international platform to destigmatize conversations on issues like depression or suicide prevention.
Sometimes we humans are very strange creatures and often, so that others wouldn’t perceive us as weak, bear the hardships in ourselves that plague us for long time and don’t speak them at loud until the burden becomes too heavy and we falter under it. On the other hand, we're preoccupied with our difficulties, hasting around the clock and miss hear someone's cry for help. I'm aware that we live in a stressful environment and constantly have to subsist in various situations, so as we nurse our bodies with proper diet and training, we must equally take care of the mental health that is inseparable from physical, and some of the profitable advices are: embrace yourself and don't be judgmental, build your self-confidence, discuss your feelings, allow yourself a break if you're not well and learn to manage stress, make time for family and friends, stay in touch with them and don't withdraw, open up to somebody if you have a predicament – several heads are smarter than a single one, volunteer, seek professional intervention and don't be ashame of it or afraid what your surroundings would say or think.
Upon devising his products, Dr. Brandt gathered a team of interdisciplinary experts, top-notch dermatologists, nutritionists, plastic surgeons, geneticists, clinical aestheticians and dermaficologists who shared their knowledge and joined forces to affiliate science and premier quality ingredients, all with the objective of concocting the efficient dermaceutical formulas whic ensures long-lasting results and a path to healthy aging. In total, they've developed and marketed 8 collections: House Calls, Needles No More, Pores No More, PreBiotics, Retinol, Xtend Your Youth, Water Booster and Do Not Age from which I opted for Transforming Pearl Serum. Beside the serum, facial, eye, neck creams and mask are encompassed too, and the accompanying motto reads: „Genetic code of aging is finally cracked!“ All compounds are assembled under full dermatological control and offer the maximum potency available without doctor's prescription. The official site illustrates a state-of-the-art range that alleviates deep wrinkles, restores lost volume, reduces skin decay and significantly strengthens, resuscitates and gracifies it.
Do Not Age Transforming Pearl Serum was elaborated with advanced Duopearl technology, the offspring of five-year experiments. At the heart of each bead is the power of exclusive Juvenesence+Complex that invigorates the skin with vitality, boosts its metabolism, reawakens the resilience and gloss, while eliminating creases and asperity. It's recommendable to employ it every morning and evening on purified face, and the promised outcomes are: rejuvenation after one day, fresh verve after one week and transformation of the skin after one month. The serum comes in a glass bottle that, with a pump and silver details on top and bottom, looks very modern and futuristic. I'll admit that this design completely captivated me and that it appears quite elegant on the shelf, which is increased by pearls visibility through the transparent glass. I only saw a similar concept of serum with La Prairie White Caviar Illuminating Pearl Infusion, so I could hardly wait to test it. When pressed out, it's white in color with tiny glitter and a mild medical scent, and I would describe it as liquid pearl that absorbs swiftly and leaves the skin buffed, gentle and shiny. Two squeezes are enough for my entire face and cleavage and, regardless of regular two-month custom, I've noticed that it's pretty slowly depleted.
There are three methods of applying it: 1. For skin radiance, place the fingertips on the chin and move them towards lips corners and up along the nose line, continue under the eyes to the ears and down to the jaw, and finish with tender motions from the middle of forehead to ears; repeat three times. 2. For emphasizing contours and napless forehead, adjust your fists under the chin symmetrically and follow the jaw line to ears, pull the flat hands alternately across the whole forehead from eye brows to the hair edge; repeat three times. 3. For polishness and shape, appoint the tips of four fingers to temples and thumb to the jaw, push and lightly tow up and down while keeping the thumb on the jaw; repeat three times. I utilize it before bedtime and after face cleansing. Given the watery texture, it's possible to incorporate a massage, which I really like. The closing piece in my vespertine routine is reserved for night cream, and in the morning I inevitabely wake up surprised by the exuberance, nourishment and especially the smoothness that no other preparation has ever bestowed me. Above all, it delicately diminished the frown wrinkles which are not observable in still state anymore. In previous posts I've written about the products that envelops my base assortment and which constitutes the benchmark gauge. Do Not Age Transforming Pearl Serum is one of them, primarily because of the cogency and credibility of what it advertises.
I don't know if you've ever pondered that with each purchasing, whether lipsticks, perfumes, paintings or furniture, we're bringing to our abode the ideas, experiences and musings of the creator. Dr. Fredric Brandt was motivated to reach a multitude of people and supply every home with salon treatments. I always recall his tearful destiny and remind myself how incomparably more substantial is how we feel inside, rather than strive to achieve a perfect exterior. Don't hide your true face under the guise of makeup or stroll through life smiling if you're falling apart internally. Talk to your dearest or an absoulte stranger, be sure that you're not alone and that every problem has a solution. It's paramount to attain a peace of mind and, before indulging in skin care, to cherish the mental health – the beauty emanates from within.
Have you tried Dr. Brandt Do Not Age Transforming Pearl Serum? Or some other of his products? What are your impressions? Write me in the comments.
All the best till the next post!
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  1. Thanks for sharing this post , I was not aware of the story behinf this brand, and I'm shoked to hear about Florida and how often people commit to suiside. As for this serum, it sounds wonderful. I'm glad, it works for your skin. Happy Monday dear. xx


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    I loved to know this story of this Dr. Brandt, I also loved to take this "doctor/serum" to my house. This serum should be amazing throughout the history of this amazing doctor !! With this fame it seems impossible to believe that he committed suicide, so it is so important to talk about these matters.


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    I'm also so sorry about his suicide, it's so sad how many people around us are mentaly suffering, really important problem.


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  22. This serum sounds amazing. It is always good to learn about quality products. I didn't know about Dr. Brandt nor about the fact that he took his own life. A tragic and sad story. It seems impossible for someone so successful to take his own life, but that's one thing about depression that people don't understand. It is a perpetual, long-lasting and overwhelming feeling of sadness, not something that is in correlation with success. Depression is such a vicious disease and it can happen to the best of us. Taking care of our skin is important, but as you point out taking care of our mental health is even more important. I do agree with what you said. We need to take care of others and ourselves. Beauty does come from within.

  23. Wow I did not know this about Dr Brandt. I think people who commit suicide who have this much success in their lives suffer from biochemical depression as opposed to depression outside the body caused by life events. I have experienced both and with environmental depression you can get relief at times when engaged in something you like or that focuses your attention if not true happiness. While biochemical depression is more intense more immediate and there is no distraction.

    Sadly many people do not like medication or they don't like the side effects.

    On a happier note this serum sounds quite good!

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  50. YES! I agree with you about mental heath. It is so important to be mindful about what is going on around us. I really like the pearl serum! It looks pretty cool with the pearls inside and everything. I like that it works - I need to get my hand on this one of these days!

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  51. there is nothing to cheat - not only appearance but all health depends on the condition of the psyche
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  52. I had met Dr. Brandt at an event just months before and he was such a lively and humorous man. It was really sad to learn about his passing and knowing he must've been in such immense pain to take his own life. Mental health is very bit as important as physical health and we must make it a priority.

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