I suppose that everyone is acquainted with phrases like „for beauty you must endure a measure of pain“. Whether it is aesthetic surgery, body recovery or less invasive methods, we women are extremely strong in that regard and our scale of pain is quite high, and we're constantly ready to rise it for the sake of beauty and perfect looks. Beyoncé sang the similar phenomenon in verses: „Blonder hair, flat chest / TV says bigger is better / South beach, sugar free / Vogue says / Thinner is better / Pretty hurts / Shine the light on whatever's worse / Perfection is the disease of a nation / Tryna fix something / But you can't fix what you can't see / It's the soul that needs a surgery“.With the song „Pretty Hurts“ she pointed out that many girls and women aspire to emulate what is portrayed on television or in fashion magazines and how they believe that plastic operations will make them happy, but she wisely concluded: „When you're alone all by yourself / And you're lying in your bed / Reflection stares right into you / Are you happy with yourself?“. I'm inclined to infer that all of us should answer to that question first, rather than blindly expose ourselves to pain and take for granted that some procedure will simply „fix“ us. Either way, today's market offers a handful of devices which we can use at our house, and one of them is ORA Microneedle Face Roller System.
As soon as you hear the word microneedle, you realize that certain amount of pain is inevitable, because this Face Roller System is equipped with fine stainless steel needles. I don't know what's your opinion, but my encounters with them weren't exactly alluring. Regardless if I have had blood drawn or was given an injection, there's always that one second of unpleasant piercing of the skin. I'm not particularly afraid of needles, but I also can't classify them in the category of completely „painless“. Microneedling is a therapy that traces its roots to ancient China and acupuncture whose purpose was to improve physical functions and stimulation of natural process of healing. It was initially recorded in 1905., when German dermatologist Ernst Kromayer was curing cicatrices and hyperpigmentation with the help of dental drills attached to motor-powered apparatus. Ninety years later, in 1995., Dr. Desmond Fernandes applied the microneedling that we know nowadays to fight against wrinkles and scars.

Microneedling is a safe, chemical and laser free treatment that initiates formation of fresh collagen and restores skin cells. The concept itself is very interesting because it's being performed by an instrument with tiny precise needles which rolls directly on skin with the aid of controled movements. In that manner the micro injuries are being caused, while simultaneously signals are send to body to create more collagen and elastin for palliation of mini-wounds and skin regeneration. Previously it was reserved for clinics and beauty salons, where needles of 1 to 3 millimetres in diameter was exercised under expert supervision, after identifying the problem on a specific area. Subcutaneous penetration allows oils, creams or serums to become more impactful and faster in achieving the visible results. With this Face Roller the needles are smaller, 0.2 to 1 millimeter, to prevent unwanted consequences due to improper administering, such as gaping damage and inflammation. It's recommendable to employ it every 3 to 5 days, depending on the outcome we aim for.
Although at first glance it's almost indistinguishable from some medieval torture contraption, its usage is fairly straightforward. The first step is to disinfect the cylinder with alcohol and then press it gently on the skin – avoiding rough motions is both prudent and self-explanatory. This is followed by back and forth trailing at the same intensity, 5 to 10 times horizontally, vertically and diagonally. The final act is placement of oil, cream or serum which will nourish and nurse the skin by breaching into deeper layers. It's suitable for tending various complications, from acne, crinkles, lesions and darkened complex to asperity. If you don't suffer from any of aforementioned nuisances, you can simply utilize it for healthy, plump, radiant and taut facial skin. Photos showing a bloody face after the routine can be scary, but upon passing of one week the affirmative payoff is clearly noticeable. Personally I was impressed by how much the acne and scars on the images afterward were alleviated or downright expunged, so I have no doubt that this cosmetic tool may prove to be of great assistance.
The official site, along with all presented benefits in terms of smoothness and luminescence, states that the roller is available in different color combinations: White/Aqua, Purple/Black and Gold/Black. Furtherly, 540 needles of prime incorrodible steel and top medical grade meets all the standards for home appliance.
ORA can boast with the full range of body and scalp care products, i.e. for reduction of cellulite and prompting of hair growth. The latter was surprising to me, I've never heard of such technique for denser hair, however microneedling compellingly affects the follicles too. Body skin is considerably thicker than facial, therefore roller with more needles of larger diameter is required, as well as longer period of several months for concrete effects. 

This gadget works on the identical, already depicted principle, and the whole set includes a handle that matches all the heads, one body roller (1200 needles of 1 mm in length) for legs, back and stomach, one face roller (600 needles of 0.5 mm) for collagen output, one roller for skin around eyes and lips (240 needles of 0.225 mm) ideal for sensitive zones, one seal-shaped roller (12 needles of 1 mm) for miniature parts, and one sterilization tray. I must confess that it altogether sounds tempting and I would love to test and evaluate the promised efficiency.
Are you familiar with ORA Microneedle Face Roller or some analogous widget? What are your impressions? Would you dare to try it or the thought of 540 needles on your face is too intimidating? Write me in the comments.
Till the next post, all the best!

Beauty gadgets is a section created with the idea of informing the readers about the devices and tools which can be found on the market, intended for skin care. The Exclusive Beauty Diary blog is focused on products and preparations, but today's indispensable items are cosmetic devices too, so I think that it's interesting and useful to offer some overview, but whitout detailed evaluation and personal assessement until I try them myself. Accordingly, photos are downloaded from the manufacturer's site.


  1. Nice post

  2. I'd love to try this kind of device, I am not afraid and I think they work!!
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  8. Such an interesting review! I would like to try this Face Roller

  9. I have heard of this but never tried it myself. It sounds promising!

  10. I have dermaroller and in my opinion it's brilliant device, I use it one a month in the forehead area to prevent wrinkles and the effects are very satisfactory.


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  21. I didn't know there were body rollers! Interesting! I've been using a face roller a couple of times a week for about a year now. It works well!

  22. I was a little apprehensive about microneedling because I'm not fond of needles but once I tried it, I realized it doesn't actually hurt and it helps my products to absorb better. I'm all curious about the one for the body now!

  23. I have not heard of this device before ☺
    I feel a delicate prick of needle (for example when taking blood), I don't mind, I don't feel it either - I think I could sacrifice myself, especially when it comes to effects like you write ☺
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  24. I didn't know about that but sounds very interesting!

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  26. I prefer not to try, I'm afraid of needles.


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  32. Such an interesting device, I would like to try it!
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  33. que maravillas nos enseñas, nunca me he animado con los pinchitos que tienen

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  40. I've always been curious about these devices! Thank you for sharing your detailed review!

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  42. I did it already a few times in the past and honestly I have the impression it works. You remembered me to do this treatment soon again as I still have the rollers at home.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  43. I would definitely be open to trying something like this. I'm not particularly afraid of the needles and I do believe in the benefits of microneedle procedure. I think it is always good if there is a procedure that replaces traditional surgical beauty procedures. Every surgery has its risks, even cosmetic surgery so it is better to seek for alternatives when it comes to improving our skin. This microneedle face body roller system looks great.

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  52. It sounds a bit scary but I'm sure the results are impressive. I've never heard of this roller but why not give it a try.

    xx Simone
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